Kav Temperley

Kav Temperley has played a major part in the trio, Eskimo Joe, as front man and songwriter as well as a member of the four-piece collective Basement Birds and, on a non-music front, as a campaigner for Oxfam’s “Close The Gap” campaign.

Eskimo Joe climbed steadily into the hearts of Australians from the day triple j first spun “Sweater” on their airwaves.  The band’s clever pop creations were infectious – scoring them a spot at Homebake and sending their first album, Girl, up the charts to bring home a Gold plaque, kicking off what has been a massive career.

Touring, and simply time, brought maturity and a change to Eskimo Joe. Kav was at the centre of this change, writing about his personal experiences and reflecting them in his clever turn of phrase and canny melodies on A Song Is A City. Songs such as “Life Is Better With You”, “Smoke” and crowd favourite “From The Sea” created a new reality for the band and it’s members.

It was Black Fingernails, Red Wine that truly brought the trio international recognition.  With numerous accolades at home, they embarked on a journey through the US and onward to Europe.  In the US, their live shows drew loads of attention from punters and media, “How Does It Feel” ended up in a pivotal scene in the first season of US hit series Gossip Girl and the body of work was considered ‘Album of the Year’ by SFist.

Word travelled to European shores giving the band a signing in Germany for Central Europe, Belgium and Holland ahead of album fourth album – titled Inshalla. A different album in sound and style to the previous outing, but a top number debut on the ARIA national album chart and it’s lead single a huge success as the most performed work on radio in the country.

During the rigorous touring through Black Fingernails, Red Wine and Inshalla, Kav also crafted pop folk songs with his mates Steve Parkin, Kevin Mitchell and Josh Pyke.  The collaboration was really only intended to be a bit of fun and a reprieve from their public works, however, things took off quickly for them. Adopting the name Basement Birds, the four-piece released a series of digital singles and EPs culminating in an album, accepted invitations from festivals, toured the country successfully then quietly stepped back into their major projects less than a few months later.  However, for Kav this was the first time he had showed the punters the versatility of his song-writing.

At this point Kav also started intensive work on Dirt Diamond Productions, the indie record label he shares with fellow EJ band members with his focus being on the development and song-writing of upcoming acts in Perth.  His first direct signing being the young, enigmatic local star, Kathryn Rollins who has recently completed an EP with Kav at the helm.